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I'm a freelance web designer who loves to create stylish website designs!

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I'm a website designer who loves to create amazing and stylish websites for my clients.
All of my websites are built from the basic bootstrap CSS and developed to ensure mobile and small screens are supported with minimal compromise.

When I'm not working on my client's projects, I'm learning new skills by creating web applications and working on my other business!

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Some Of My Previous Work
A closer look into the projects and the people I've worked with.

Central Park Nature Trail

Central Park Nature Trail - Mobile Site

Myself and two other people were tasked to create a mobile website for the Central Park Nature Trail Darlington. I myself was the website designer one was content creation and the other was testing out the website. We had to create a website that appeal to all ages and track their progress without the need of storing sensative details, which we were able to achive.

Vybrus Hosting - Hosting Services

Vybrus Hosting is a hosting company that offers a wide range of service from new to experianced users alike. They were looking for a website that was easy for their clients to use and understand while being able to display all the features and services that they offer to any new or old client.

Vybrus Hosting
RAM Shard

RAM Shard - Minecraft Host

RAM Shard is a Minecraft hosting company that offers their clients the ability to host Minecraft servers. RAM Shard is only a new company so they asked for a website that was quick to access and straight to the point as their clients don't always want to scroll down the page to order their server.

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